Balance Barre

Balance Barre is our signature barre class, which incorporates isometric movements to tighten and tone the upper-body, thighs, glutes and core. The method behind barre is to burn each muscle group to the point of fatigue, followed by stretching to create the longer, leaner muscles associated with a dancer’s physique! This class is low-impact and appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

Balance Barre Express

Short on time? Get the same benefits of our signature Balance Barre class, but condensed into 45-minutes.

Cardio Barre (NEW CLASS!)

This class has all the benefits and structure of our amazing Barre class, plus some extra cardio moves to maximize your results! Get your body moving and toning all at the same time for a fantastic workout!

Barre Burn (NEW CLASS!)

Looking to kick things up a notch? Barre Burn is a total body workout that combines cardio bursts, strength training, and work at the barre to get your heart rate up and scorch major calories.


Part Zen, part sculpt, Yoga-Barre brings the best of both styles of movement together for a well-balanced flow. Leave your mat feeling centered and strong!

Pilates-Barre Fusion

This class combines the emphasis on proper form, controlled movement, and core engagement in Pilates with toning work done at the barre to deliver a full body workout appropriate for all levels.

Power Flow

This lightly heated class allows you to feel more, and think less as you move with your breath. Our Power Flow moves a little faster to get your heart rate up and leave the mat with a greater sense of being alive!